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Darius Twin

Publisher: Taito America Corp. Taito Video Games
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre: Shooter
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Release: Nov 1991
Summary: Once, many millennia ago, the young, tranquil world of Darius was invaded by a race of star-hopping barbarians under the command of galactic tyrant, Belser. The peace-loving Dariusites were ill-prepared for such an invasion and most fell quickly. However, before the entire planet succumbed to Belser's domination, a brave young couple, Proco and Tiat, led a resistance effort and managed to escape with many of their fellow Dariusites to sectors of space that were still free.

As the centuries passed, the descendants of this resistance movement multiplied and prospered, and populated many worlds. On Orga, a world of uncommon resources, they established the command center for the Galactic Federation, a governing body that united all the peaceful worlds of the galaxy. After a thousand years, the forces of Belser again decided to expand their empire and headed spaceward to conquer the people who escaped them centuries earlier. Branching ever outward, Belser seized control of even more planets in the solar system.

Inspired by the legends of Proco and Tiat, two of the Federation's best pilots now ready their spacecraft for the long galactic battle that awaits them. These vessels, advanced technological miracles called Silver Hawks, are able to transform energy into powerful weapons and armament. It is your mission to pilot a Silver Hawk, defeat Belser's forces on each of the planets along your selected route, and reach Darius and destroy the formidable Alloylantern, a mechanical fortress from which all of Belser's technological strength springs. Belser's original world remains unknown, but the most noted scientists believe that it was largely oceanic because all of Belser's technology seems patterned after aquatic lifeforms.


Earthworm Jim

Publisher: Playmates Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre: Adventure, Platform
My Rating:
Rating: 8
Release: Oct 1994
Summary: A crow is chasing a worm named Jim while in outer space Psy-Crow is chasing a renegade ship. The ship's captain has stolen an ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit and Queen Slug-for-a-Butt has ordered Psy-Crow to get it, since it can make her more beautiful than Princess-What's-Her-Name. Psy-Crow blasts the captain and the suit falls to Planet Earth.

Back on earth Jim wonders if he is finally safe when an ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit lands on him. Luckily Jim rests in the neck ring of the suit. Then the space particles begin interacting with Jim, causing a light-speed evolution. Jim soon realizes he is in control of the suit.

Jim overhears the Queen's plans for the suit and decides to meet this Princess...


Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

Publisher: Square
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre: Role-Playing
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Release: Oct 1992


Jurassic Park

Publisher: Ocean Software Ltd.
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre: Action, Adventure
My Rating:
Rating: 6
Release: Nov 1993
Summary: A game based on the hit movie Jurassic Park.

The game starts just after the T-Rex pushes the visitor's van into it's pit. You play the role of Dr. Alan Grant, so you have to find Tim and Lex, take them to the Visitor's center and get everybody out of the island. But this time it won't be half as easy as it was on the movie.

The game is split in two missions, played in two different ways. The first mission is to take Tim and Lex back to their grandfather and is (almost exclusively) played from a top-down perspective. The second mission involves getting the power back on line and returning alive, so everybody can leave the island and is played like a FPS (First Person Shooter).


Out of This World

Publisher: Enterplay Productions
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre: Action & Adventure
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Release: Nov 1992
Summary: You'll think you're actually on a movie set when you star in the cinematic action/adventure Out Of This World™.
Out Of This World™ is like no other game on the Super NES™. Using a completely new graphic system of cinematic zooms, pans, close-ups, and cuts, Out Of This World™ gets you involved in a breathtaking story of inter-dimensional travel.
You'll duck as lasers blast, boulders crash, and monsters roar. The complete musical score and realistic, digitized sound effects will make you feel like you're on a movie sound stage.
Being a hero is hard work, and you'll experience it first-hand as you run, jump, dodge, and shoot your way across a hostile world of deadly earthquakes and alien monsters. So, grab your hat and whip, charge up your blasters, and get ready to star in your own movie that'll take you Out Of This World™!


Phalanx: The Hyper Speed Shoot Out In Space

Publisher: Nintendo of America
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre: Sci-Fi, Shooter
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Release: Jan 1992
Summary: If you enjoyed Konami's Gradius 3 and Capcom's UN squadron, then you will definitely enjoy this shooter. This game will challenged your reflexes even on the easy difficulty. For the low price on amazon and ebay especially, this game offers a lot to the retro-gaming experience. If a gamer is not accustomed to sidescrolling shooters, then he or she has much practicing to do on other shooters to be prepared for the difficulty of phalanx. Even though it is difficult, it is beatablbe.



Publisher: Nintendo of America
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Rated: Everyone 10+
My Rating:
Release: Aug 1991


Raiden Trad

Publisher: Electro Brain Corp.
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre: Shooter
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Release: Apr 1992
Summary: Raiden is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up game consisting of eight stages of increasing difficulty. In each stage, the player maneuvers the Fighting Thunder craft, engaging various enemies and avoiding their attacks. In cooperative play, both players can generate special projectiles that damage enemies by shooting the other player craft. After completing the eighth and final stage, the player returns to the first stage with the difficulty increased.

Collectible items include bombs, which cancel out enemy fire and deal damage over a wide area; weapon power-ups; and score-increasing medals. There are two bonus collectible items: the Miclus (a boss in Seibu Kaihatsu's 1985 title Wiz) and a fairy that releases power-up items when the player dies.

When the player dies, the fighter's shrapnel become projectiles that damage enemies. If all lives are lost during a gameplay session, the game is over unless players insert more credits into the arcade machine to continue playing. Upon continuing, the player will start at the last checkpoint reached.

The story of Raiden takes place in the year 2090, when a species of alien lifeforms known as the Crystals invaded Earth. The Crystals took control over most of Earth's military hardware to use in the invasion. In response, the world organization known as Vanquish Crystal Defense (VCD) develops the Fighting Thunder attack craft, a cutting-edge weapon based on Crystal technology. To survive against the invaders and fight back, VCD deploys Fighting Thunder as the only hope for humanity.


Rise of the Robots

Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre: Action, Fighting
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Release: Dec 1994
Summary: Electrocorp, the world's leading manufacturer and developer of advanced robotics ran the Leader Project to develop a multi-task, ultra-intelligent, self-aware robot to manage every aspect of the factory plant. The end result was the Supervisor Droid, a machine capable of assuming any form and accessing any database. But when an EGO virus infected the Supervisor's self-awareness it started to consider its need above of those of the company, infecting the other robots in the plant and declaring itself their leader. Electrocorp then sent its top-secret ECO32-5 Cyborg to infiltrate the plant and destroy the supervisor.

Rise of the Robots is a versus fighting game. The player controls the ECO32-5 Cyborg and must fight all the other robots in the plant until finally meeting the Supervisor Droid. The controls consist of 3 buttons for punches and 3 buttons for kicks (one for each in the Game Gear version), and jumping, moving, crouching and blocking are performed with the directional pad. The Cyborg has two super moves, the Turbo Head Butt and the Shoulder Barge. The player can choose the difficulty, number of rounds and time limit for the fights, as well as turn turn the super moves off.

The game has three modes: mission, where the player fights each robot in a fixed order; training, where the player can fight any robot in any desired order; and two players versus mode (absent in the Game Gear version), where the second player chooses any of the enemy robots to fight with. It features an AI system that reacts to the player style, 3D rendered cutscenes and the title song was composed by Queen's guitarist Brian May.


Super Nintendo Entertainment System w/Super Mario World

Publisher: Nintendo of America
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
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Summary: The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (officially abbreviated the Super NES or SNES, and commonly shortened to Super Nintendo) is a 16-bit home video game console developed by Nintendo that was released in 1990 in Japan and South Korea, 1991 in North America, 1992 in Europe and Australasia (Oceania), and 1993 in South America. In Japan, the system is called the Super Famicom (Japanese: スーパーファミコン Hepburn: Sūpā Famikon, officially adopting the abbreviated name of its predecessor, the Famicom), or SFC for short. In South Korea, it is known as the Super Comboy (슈퍼 컴보이 Syupeo Keomboi) and was distributed by Hyundai Electronics. Although each version is essentially the same, several forms of regional lockout prevent the different versions from being compatible with one another. It was released in Brazil on September 2, 1992, by Playtronic. The SNES is Nintendo's second home console, following the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The console introduced advanced graphics and sound capabilities compared with other consoles at the time. The development of a variety of enhancement chips integrated in game cartridges helped to keep it competitive in the marketplace. The SNES was a global success, becoming the best-selling console of the 16-bit era despite its relatively late start and the fierce competition it faced in North America and Europe from Sega's Mega Drive/Genesis console. The SNES remained popular well into the 32-bit era, and continues to be popular among fans, collectors, retro gamers, and emulation enthusiasts, some of whom still make homebrew ROM images.


Suzuka 8 Hours

Publisher: Namco Limited
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre: Racing / Driving
Rated: Everyone
My Rating:
Release: Oct 1993
Summary: This recreation of one of the classic motorbike races uses Super FX technology for the rotating graphics. Five different variations of the circuit are featured, each one progressively more difficult. 250cc, 400cc and 750cc bikes are featured, each one available to be best for top speed, acceleration or handling. The bikes have two steering methods - leaning into the corner or tilting in with the bike upright -the options allow you to set which of these is controlled on the pad and which use the L and R buttons. Races can be set to last for between 15 minutes and the full 8 hours. Your ultimate aim is to win every type of race, across all bikes and circuit layouts.


Wing Commander

Publisher: Mindscape, Inc.
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Simulation
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Release: Mar 1992
Summary: The Confederation have been at war with the Kilrathi for the past 20 years, and you're just now joining the Vega campaign. You're a 2nd Lieutenant just out of the Academy, with some good work under your belt. You're posted to Tiger's Claw, the flagship of the Confederation Fleet. Will you help the Confederation to victory, or go down in infamy?

Wing Commander is a space combat simulator interspersed with shipboard dialogs. Onboard the ship, you can save/load game, visit the bar to get the latest gossip, or go on to the next mission briefing, and the 3D space combat part.

The 3D space combat has you sitting in the cockpit, where you control the craft like roll, turn, up/down, afterburner, as well as fire guns and launch missiles. There are four different crafts on the Confed side, each with different flight characteristics and armament. You will have a wingman on each mission, and you should keep the wingman alive as the wingman will help you if you issue the right orders. You can also taunt the enemy. You'll be fighting several different types of enemy fighters and capital ships, and even combat a few Kilrathi aces.

When the mission is complete, land back onboard the ship and get ready for the next one. The campaign tree have both winning and losing paths.


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