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Artist: Kaneko Mika
Duration: 18:30
Genre: Jpop
Label: ビクターエンタテインメント
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Release: 1992
Summary: A.D. 2089 - 80 years have passed since Space War I changed the lives of both human and Zentraedi races. Both races are at peace on Earth when a new alien race called the "Marduk" appear within the Solar System. While covering the first battle between the U.N. Spacy and the Marduk fleet, SNN rookie reporter Hibiki Kanzaki discovers Ishtar, an "Emulator" that enhances the Marduk's combat abilities through singing. Hibiki brings Ishtar to Earth to teach her the values of life and culture. Together with ace Valkyrie pilot Silvie Gena, Hibiki and Ishtar must find a way to save Earth from total destruction at the hands of the Marduk leader Ingues.

The Macross producers treat Macross II: Lovers Again as a parallel world story due to the absence of Studio Nue's input on this part of the Macross universe. Although Studio Nue originally created and developed Macross, Big West owned the rights because it was the financial backer; so it licensed and created Macross II without Studio Nue's consultation (thus the DVDs credit to Studio Nue simply for design inspiration and association). The original series creators, such as Shoji Kawamori, Kenichi Matsuzaki and Ichiroh Itano did not work on it.



Artist: Namie Amuro
Genre: Jpop
Label: avex trax
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Rating: 4.5 (4 votes)
Release: 2001
Summary: The tracks on this CD covers her early years, but is a good collection of hits if you are new to Namie Amuro and want to discover what she's about. She has a catchy style and her voice is unique (most J-Pop singers tend to have that high, shrilly generalized voice, but Namie's has a sultry, rich feel to hers). If you're into dancing away to some nice J-Pop tunes, give this CD a try.



Artist: TWO-MIX
Duration: 108:24
Genre: Jpop
Label: Ever Anime
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Comments: HK Bootleg

Summary: Contains 2 Discs (3 & 4)


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